Hope for people. Healing for pets.

Reno Animal HospitalAt Lakeside Animal Hospital in Reno, Nevada our veterinarians bring the best from their advanced training in a wide variety of veterinary medical disciplines to help you learn how to keep your pet healthy.

Our veterinary facility offers integrative therapies ranging from full conventional diagnostics, surgery, microchipping and medicine to alternative and holistic therapies including veterinary acupuncture, veterinary orthopedic manipulation, traditional Chinese veterinary herbal medicine, and food therapy.

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Wellness Exam For Dogs & Cats

Our major focus at Lakeside Animal Hospital is preventative care and wellness examinations for dogs and cats in Reno. We provide complete medical examinations, focused on teaching you what you need to know and to do, to keep your pet as healthy as possible. However, if you need help with any medical problem, rest assured that we will handle it in a prompt, professional manner.
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Spaying & Neutering Your Dogs & Cats

Throughout the nation there is an overpopulation of unwanted pets. Cats are capable of impregnation by five months old. Dogs are capable of impregnation by six months old. Both cats and dogs may produce two or three litters every year. Pet owners can help solve the overpopulation problem by bringing their cats and dogs to Lakeside Animal Hospital in Reno for spaying and neutering.
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Microchipping For Dogs & Cats

Sometimes pets escape from their owners and become lost. When this happens, they can find themselves wandering around the streets until they are picked up by animal control. If their tags are lost or worn down, many of these dogs & cats will not be returned to their rightful owners. If you are looking for dog or cat microchipping in Reno, come see us.
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